Analyze gel images from any source

Use your digital camera, smartphone, or gel doc system to obtain images. GelAnalyzer will take care of the rest.

Automatic lane and band detection

With full manual control over adding, modifying, and deleting lanes and bands.

Fix run distortions through Rf calibration

Define any number of asbolute Rf curves on the image to correct run distortions.

Define and subtract profile background

Use the built in automatic methods or define backgorund manually.

Quantity and molecular weight calibration

Use the built-in parametric curve fitting methods to calibrate based on band volume and Rf.

All major operating systems supported

Runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.


GelAnalyzer 19.1 downloads

GelAnalyzer 19.1 has native installers for Windows, MacOS and Linux. For any other OS that has Java installed a Java-only package is available that does not require any installation. Please note that all installers are zipped thus after download first have to be extracted!
Click here to download GelAnalyzer 19.1 Windows installer.
Click here to download GelAnalyzer 19.1 MacOS installer.
Click here to download GelAnalyzer 19.1 Linux installer.
Click here to download GelAnalyzer 19.1 Java version. To be able to run this you need at least JDK-13 installed. The latest JDK can be downloaded from

For information on installation, startup and usage please read the User manual.
Note that by downloading you accept the terms of the End User License Agreement!

Previous versions

The project file format of version 19.1 is not compatible with that of any previous GelAnalyzer versions! Previous GelAnalyzer versions are not maintained anymore.
GelAnalyzer 2010a version can be dowloaded by clicking here.

Contact us

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