GelAnalyzer 2010a
Welcome to the website of freeware 1D gel electrophoresis image analysis software GelAnalyzer. Besides the improved GUI, the new version contains some new useful tools for gel image evaluation. Moreover, the new version is FREE for both educational and commercial usage! During the development, the main goal was to keep the program as simple as possible. GelAnalyzer was specifically designed for educational institutes, researchers, and small companies. However, the program's simplicity doesn't mean its lack of functionality. The process of gel image analysis is straightforward and covers all the main aspects of evaluation from automatic lane detection to precise molecular weight calculations. Many tools help you to improve the accuracy of gel evaluation, such as background subtraction methods and Rf calibration. These features make GelAnalyzer a real solution to gel image analysis in cost sensitive enviroments. With GelAnalyzer you don't need expensive gel documentation system for simple image evaluation. You may obtain the gel image with a common digital camera, or even with your cell phone, and use GelAnalyzer to get the results in just a few seconds. GelAnalyzer is developed in Java language, thus it runs on any OS that has Java installed. You need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6 or later to run GelAnalyzer. JRE can be downloaded for free from

Main features:
  • Improved automatic lane detection

  • Automatic band detection

  • Background subtraction techniques: Rolling ball, valley to valley, manual baseline.

  • Rf calibration to repair gel run distortions

  • Accurate quantity and molecular weight calculations with 4 different calibration curve types.

To download GelAnalyzer 2010a and the user's manual, go to the downloads section.

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